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Activate is an independent national grassroots campaign organisation that seeks to actively engage young people in the right of centre politics, make a case for what conservatism can offer and provide a platform to enable their voices to be heard.

We are committed to modern, open and member-driven politics in the Conservative Party, working to get Conservatives elected and ensuring that a Conservative government is in power.

We intend to reclaim the voice of young people in politics, bringing together individuals and groups in our education system, workplaces and communities. We will campaign and organise to ensure that issues that are important to them are heard, discussed and addressed.



  • Work to get Conservative candidates elected to office at both local and national level through professional and modern campaigning.
  • Engage young people with conservatism, showing them what centre-right politics can offer.
  • Provide a platform for young conservatives, facilitating the discussion of issues that matter to young people.
  • Assist in the preparation and training of members to become Party candidates for both local and national office.
  • Foster links with Conservative University and Constituency Associations, encouraging members to become involved with the Party & influence policy.
  • Utilise the internet & social media to promote conservatism more effectively, engaging young people and showing people what the Party can offer.



Conservatism is a broad church made up of many different strands. We welcome all conservatives whether they are One Nation, New Right, traditional or liberal. We believe in the shared conservative values of individual liberty, respect for the rule of law, free markets, a small but active state and private property that unite all conservatives. We believe that the economy, Brexit, education, housing and the environment are the biggest issues facing young people and we believe in using conservative values to tackle these issues.



  • We believe in free and fair trade – where globalisation works for all.
  • We want an economy fit for the 21st Century – one that deals with the challenges posed by automation and the ‘gig economy’.
  • We fundamentally believe in low taxation – people deserve to keep their hard-earned money.
  • We believe in sustainable public finances to fund our public services – not reckless spending that endangers the prosperity of future generations.
  • We believe in business – innovation and entrepreneurship should be encouraged by government.
  • We believe in the good the free market & competition can do – with a recognition the State should be active in ensuring it is fair to all.



  • We want to make a success of Brexit – creating a nation confident of its future & place in the world.
  • We believe in ‘Global Britain’ – an outward-looking nation working with others for the good of the world.
  • A proactive role for Britain – promoting development, tackling climate change & fighting terrorism.
  • Global opportunities for young people – facilitating an open Britain with opportunities for young people across the globe.



  • A true meritocracy – enhanced social mobility in a country where anyone can achieve their aspirations.
  • Equality of opportunity for all – investment in education in every area.
  • Greater choice – an education system tailored for everyone’s needs, from the academically gifted to the technically skilled.
  • We want university to be value for money – ensuring that students receive an education they deserve for the money they pay.



  • A home-owning democracy – encouraging home ownership amongst young people as a guarantor of personal liberty.
  • We want sustainable housing – homes fit for the 21st century that are built with the environment in mind.



  • We believe in the fight against climate change – working across borders to tackle the 21st Century’s biggest threat.
  • An ethical economy – supporting business with the environment in mind.
  • Cleaner, greener energy – fostering renewable energy through incentivisation rather than punitive methods.

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