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Aims and Objectives of our Code of Conduct:

Activate is an independent national grassroots campaigning organisation, actively seeking to engage young people in right of centre politics. This involves advocating the values and opportunities that conservatism provides, in a modern, open and member driven Conservative Party. Furthermore, we seek to get Conservatives elected at all levels of government, as well as ensuring that the Conservative Party is in government.

Activate values our core values of modernity and inclusivity, and therefore prides itself on allowing our members and volunteers to operate in an environment that allows them to fulfil our aims, as well as being as active as possible. To achieve this, we have a zero tolerance approach to any unwanted behaviour including, but not limited to, bullying, discrimination, harassment and/or victimisation of any kind. Activate endeavours and seeks to maintain the highest standards amongst our members, that is often absent in mainstream politics. We also aim to provide appropriate support to members and volunteers, for their own wellbeing and satisfaction, so both the individual and Activate can successfully develop and influence society.

Individuals and groups using the Activate name and branding must operate according to our following values and principles at all times:

  • Individuals and groups are expected to act according:
    • to the highest standards, expected of any individual working with the Conservative Party.
    • in accordance with any announcements from Activate HQ, regarding the treatment and behaviour towards individuals within the group.
    • to a standard where they may be deemed as a role model for others within Activate, upholding the values of courtesy, integrity, openness and enthusiasm.
  • We respect the right of individuals to not volunteer, cease volunteering or make a complaint against a member of Activate. At no point will an individual seek to create any sense of inappropriate obligation between themselves and another member of Activate, regardless of circumstance. Individuals should strive to uphold good practice, fostering a sense of community and co-operation between fellow Activate members. Failure to comply with any of our values and principles that leads to concern, which leads to queries or complaints, will be actively investigated by the appropriate senior Activate member.
  • Celebrate individual and group success, acknowledging dedication and devotion to Activate. Individuals should be aware of any potential conflicts arising from engagement, and should not knowingly allow themselves or other individuals to breach this Code.
  • As a group, Activate is positive and optimistic of the future of the United Kingdom. We have faith in our country and our citizens, and their ability to keep Britain in its leading place in the world, promoting our core beliefs on a national stage. We seek to engage via the medium of open and honest debate focused on policies and facts, not personal attacks or harassment.
  • Activate seeks to build positive relationships with each individual Constituency Conservative Parties, other Conservative movements or campaigning organisations that share its aims and principles, ensuring that people across the country are engaged in politics at a local level.
  • Activate is determined to reach out across our communities and encourages political participation of people who may not have been involved in political activities before, and wish to promote right of centre values. Guaranteeing the welfare and self ­expression of everyone is a priority, especially of those who are often marginalised. We respect democratic values, individual opinion and freedom of speech, even that which we disagree with.
  • Groups of individuals may form local Activate groups (with permission from Activate HQ) to share and discuss ideas, organise and participate in activities at their local level that promote or support our values, inspiring people with hope, rather than politics of fear, seeking to make a positive social and environmental impact in our society.
  • These groups must have strong foundations, which includes being democratic in their nature, as well as actively engaging voices, particularly the young, through encouraging registering to vote and to campaign for conservative causes and the Conservative Party.
  • Activate is an independent conservative group, and we therefore support to influence, as well as support, the policies of a Conservative government. Therefore, the following values should be upheld and promote by all individuals and groups using the Activate brand:
    • Promoting a global economic outlook, for a strong nation-wide economy.
    • Making a success of Brexit for the UK, through co-operating with other countries around the world, including European nations.
    • Sustainable economic development with a long-term strategic approach.
    • Education that promotes true social mobility, encouraging aspiration and new job opportunities for our evolving economy.
    • Educational choice, which where it is not free, represents value for money.
    • Employment legislation and taxation which reflects our economic circumstances, with an outlook that allows for flexibility and technological advancements.
    • Public services, such as the NHS, need to be repositioned to meet the changing needs of our population. This can be achieved through ‘smart spending’ and organisational reform.
    • Supporting neither fiscal irresponsibility, nor a philosophy of vast financial cuts. Instead, a less political, more expert led approach is needed to create sustainable and advanced services for modern Britain.
    • Supporting young people to gain capital, through access to the property ladder if they wish to do so.
    • Providing a sustainable quantity and quality of housing for all sectors, built with the philosophy of proper zoning, transport and infrastructure.
    • Invest in sustainable and smart energy, strengthening Britain’s research capabilities.
    • Incentivising sustainable energy consumption rather than imposing it, through the use of attractive bursaries and grants for cleaner energy and transport.


These are the policies that are at the core of the message Activate wishes to spread.

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