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1.1 This is the constitution of the organisation which shall be known as ‘Activate’.

1.2 Activate is an independent national grassroots campaigning organisation that:

·         seeks to actively engage young people in right of centre politics,

·         make a case for what conservatism can offer

·         provide a platform to enable their voices to be heard.

We are committed to modern, open and member-driven politics in the Conservative Party, working to get Conservatives elected and ensuring that a Conservative government is in power.



2.1 Membership of this organisation is open to any who share our values and who undertakes to be bound by this constitution and our Code of Ethics.

2.2 Members are expected to be supporters of the Conservative Party.

2.3 Membership of Activate is not compatible with membership of, or association with, any registered political party other than the Conservative Party.

2.4 Full Membership shall be split between young members, aged 24 years and younger, and full members aged 25 years and older, there will be an additional non-voting contributory membership for “Supporters”.

2.5 Membership subscription payments shall be charged annually to all members, collected by the organisation directly with all funds being kept and belonging to the organisation.

2.6 The National Committee has the power to terminate the membership of any member should it be decided, by a majority vote, that the member has acted in a way that is contrary to the values of the organisation. There shall be no grounds for appeal or refund.




3.1 A National Committee of the organisation shall be established and maintained and will act as the governing body of the organisation.

3.2 A member may hold only one National Committee position at any one time except, by approval of the National Chairman, an interim secondary appointment may be made in extreme circumstances.

3.3 The National Committee will consist of the following:
·         A National Chairman: responsible for the overall running of the organisation. The Chairman shall sit as a registered Company Director.

·         A Membership Director: responsible for recruiting and maintaining members and coordinating the engagement of members with the activities of the organisation. Shall sit as a registered Company Director.

·         A Campaign Director: responsible for formulating campaign activity for the organisation, helping to utilise our membership to help campaign for the Conservative Party in elections in all regions of the UK and liaising with Conservative Campaign Head Quarters, Members of Parliament and candidates on all campaigning matters. Shall sit as a registered Company Director.

·         A Finance Director: responsible for raising funds through various methods to support the activities of the organisation and administrating the finances of the organisation including allocating budgets to the different departments. The Finance Director will also act as a secretary for the organisation, responsible primarily for the organisation and administration of meetings. Shall sit as the Company Secretary.

·         A Policy Director, responsible for formulating the policy position of the organisation and to act as a conduit between our membership and the Conservative Party on policy issues by stimulating discussion. Shall sit as a registered Company Director.

·         The 12 Regional Representatives (See Schedule 4)

·         Three Members Without Additional Responsibility(MWARs) who will be elected from the membership by the membership.

3.4 The positions of National Chairman, Regional Representative and MWAR shall be open to all paid members of the organisation and shall be elected annually by ballot with all eligible members invited to vote.

3.5 The positions of Campaigns Director, Finance Director and Policy Director shall be appointed by the National Committee annually and within two weeks of the election of a new Chairman. Applications from the memberships for the positions must be open for not less than one week prior to appointments being made.

3.6 Should any member of the National Committee leave office during the annual term, the National Chairman has the authority to appoint a replacement for the duration of the term.

3.7 The National Committee shall have the power to appoint members to other key roles in the organisation as they see fit in order to achieve the aims of the organisation. This excludes the roles of Regional Representatives which shall be elected annually.

3.8 If any member of the National Committee should miss three consecutive meetings or conferences of the National Committee then said member shall forfeit their position at the discretion of a National Committee vote. In the event, such a vote is called the National Committee must give a minimum of 14 days notice to all members including the subject of the vote before a vote can commence and allow for the subject of the vote to present their case before the committee should they wish to.


4.1 There shall be twelve Regional Representatives, each representing their respective region in the United Kingdom. They shall work with the National Chairman and the Directors to carry out the activities of the organisation to the best of their ability within their region and will hold a seat on the National Committee.

4.2 The twelve regions shall consist of:

East of England, East Midlands, Greater London, North East, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South East, South West, Wales, West Midlands and Yorkshire & the Humber.

4.3 All Regional Representative positions shall be open to all currently eligible members at the time of the nomination, with the positions elected annually, by ballot with all eligible members invited to vote. The member with the highest number of votes shall be elected. The election shall be carried out according to the organisation’s process of elections [see Part VI].

4.4 All nominations for the positions of Regional Representative must be received within the specified time frame, and be nominated and seconded by another eligible member.

4.5 Should any Regional Representative resign during the annual term, the National Chairman has the authority to appoint a replacement for the duration of the term.

4.6 Regional Representatives shall have the power to appoint members to act as their Deputies or as a County Coordinator to help them carry out their responsibilities. Any appointment must be confirmed and authorised by the National Committee.




5.1 The National Committee shall hold conference not less than six times annually and a period of not more than 75 days shall pass between meetings.

5.2 The National Committee shall host an Annual General Meeting open to all eligible members annually, not before the 1st of June and not later than the 31st of August. This meeting must consist of the following along with any other business:
·         Statement of accounts

·         Notice of results of election of the National Chairman and the Regional Representatives

·         End of year statement from all Directors (or representative in lieu)

·         Statement of intention from the incoming National Chairman

5.3 Within one month of the AGM each Director must present a term plan for their respective department to the National Chairman.

5.4 Quorum for a meeting of the National Committee shall be four plus the Chairman or a representative in lieu.

5.5 In the event of a tied vote, the Chairman or a representative in lieu shall cast the deciding vote. The Chairman should favour the status quo in any tied vote.

5.6 The National Committee shall hold a conference within 30 days following any national election.



6.1 Election of Regional Representatives and the National Chairman shall be held by a First Past the Post ballot which can be administered physically or digitally.

6.2 Ballots for National Chairman shall be open to all eligible members, ballots for Regional Representatives will be open to all eligible members within the respective regions.

6.3 In the event of a tied vote all candidates bar the tied leaders shall be eliminated and the ballot shall be reissued with just the tied candidates, in the event that this is not possible then incumbents shall take precedence, in the event of there being no incumbent the ballot will be settled by a coin toss.

6.4 Elections for Regional Representatives and the National Chairman must take place within one month prior to the Annual General Meeting, with the result to be announced at the upcoming AGM.

6.5 Nominations for the positions must be open for not less than two weeks prior to a ballot. Nominations for Regional Representatives and MWARs must be seconded by another full member. Nominations for the position of National Chairman must be seconded by another full member of the organisation and cosigned by not less than two members of the National Committee who have not acted as a seconder on any ballot.

6.6 In the event of a snap General Election occurring over the period upon which an election should take place, all elections shall be postponed until the earliest opportunity after the General Election.




7.1 All funds held by the organisation, received through various methods, shall at all times belong to the organisation and be controlled by the National Committee.

7.2 The National Chairman and Fundraising Director shall be jointly responsible for maintaining accurate and honest accounts of all income and expenditure by the organisation.

7.3 The National Committee shall discuss the accounts at each meeting, and it is their collective responsibility to ensure they are fully aware of the financial situation of the organisation.

7.4 A summary of the annual accounts should be made available to all members annually.




8.1 All members are bound by our Code of Ethics which shall form the basis of any termination of membership by the National Committee.



9.1 Any changes to this constitution that alter the intention of the purpose of this constitution shall firstly be voted on by the National Committee. The changes should then be agreed by ballot of all full members of the organisation.


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