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Hammersmith & Fulham GOTV Action Day

Join H&S Conservatives for their final push on Thursday to help get as many Conservative voters in the polling stations as possible! Let’s turn H&S Borough Council blue again!

Hattersley Action Day!

Join the Tameside Conservatives on Monday the 30th for an Action Day in Hattersley! Sign up below and the details will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Activate Launch Event

The official Activate Launch event will take place on the 17th of March 2018, at 4th Floor Studios, 255-259 Commercial Road, London, E1 2BT. Doors will open at 8:00pm and should wrap up between 11pm and midnight. We will be joined by some excellent guest speakers (to be announced closer to the date) as well

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What immigration reform should look like post-Brexit!

What immigration reform should look like post-Brexit! In the EU referendum of 2016, the pro-EU metropolitan liberal elite ran a campaign scaremongering about what might happen to the economy if we voted to leave the European Union. Since the referendum, all of Remains doom and gloom predictions about us returning to the stone age if

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How Conservatives can win the youth vote

The Conservatives can win the youth vote, but first, they need to understand the politics of my generation which is pretty easy to get to grips with. We want big government unless it costs more cash. We’re also inclined towards small government, but not if it involves scrapping government programs. We do usually care about

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Are Conservatives winning Labour’s heartlands? [CURATED]

Constituencies based upon coalfields have long been safe haven’s for Labour, especially in recent decades after the closing of many of the mines have been attributed to Thatcher’s term as Prime Minister, this misguided attribution is one of the greatest examples of spin that Labour have ever produced, no one ever recalls Harold Wilson when